The History And Evolution Of Golf

12 September 2018 History 0

Between Golf fanatics and critics, theories differ at times on the origin, the history and the evolution of this game. However experts are unanimous on at least one indisputable fact: it is in the 18th Century that the game developed on the East Coast of Scotland under a form into a form quite close to that which is practiced today. Here is Franck Peltier review on the origin of golf.

A game of balls and club.

This game was inspired by diverse ball and club games, ranging from Antiquity to the Roman era. Golf was imported from the Netherlands where it was highly practiced in its usual form in the 14th century, due to lucrative trade with Scotland.
Though Golf was already being played in Scotland for ages, the first Golf’s club in the world, The Honourable Company of Edingburgh Golfers, was created in 1744 at Muirfield (Scotland). The Club defined the first thirteen (13) rules of Golf, known as the Thirteen Rules of Leith, which would enable the hosting of the maiden golf tournament in that same year.
By examining Leith’s 13 Rules, golf was then codified in 1754 in Scotland by Saint Andrews Royal & Ancient Golf Club through a complementary setting of rules. Improvement on the gear used in this sport of precision contributed to its expansion in the United Kingdom and thereafter in the USA.
The first British Open was launched in 1860 and played by professional golfers worldwide. Golf reached its peak in the second half of the 19th Century with the advent of private clubs and a surge in professionalism as well.
Americans put an end to British supremacy from the First World War, a period that redefined and stratified leadership role in this elite sport. The Second World War registered many European, African and Australian countries opening towards Golf. It was also the era of US supremacy.
The predominance of professional golf over amateur golf contributed to making the game a global one and to the sudden appearance of many versions of the sport played worldwide. Golf will be acknowledged as an Olympic Sport after two historical attempt in 1900 and 1904 then disappeared on the global scene for more than a century.
Golf made its grand comeback to the 2016 Rio Games, thanks to a session held by the Olympic Executive Board in 2009. A decision certainly approved by franck Peltier! Long practiced by men, gradually opening up to women despite the major challenges linked to its popularisation, Golf is regulated on a global scale by the International Golf Federation (IGF) founded in 1958, headquartered in Lausanne (Switzerland).