Golf In The 90s

3 October 2018 Famous figures 0

In the prievous post, Franck Peltier helped us reviewing the famous figures of the 60s, now let’s jump in time and take a closer look.

The Global Trend

If in the 80s golf winners were aged persons, the 90s did witness champions who were a little much younger. The Faldo vs Norman face-off in 1996 or young Tiger Woods’s incredible victory in 1997 by12 swings were wonderful moments from a decade of success registered in Europe more than anywhere else.
Apart from the European triumph which celebrates great stars like the mysterious Jose Maria Olazabal from Spain, a reinforced structuring and the powerful rise of women championship with four majors marked this decade of the second era of golf (1973-2000): Nabisco Dinah Shore, LPGA Championship, U.S. Women’s Open and Maurier’ Classic.

Famous figures

Greg Norman (1955)

Australia-born professional golfer, Gregory John Norman has won ninety one (91) international competitions, namely twenty (20) PGA Tour tournaments and two (02) majors. The Great White Shark orThe Shark, as he has been dubbed, with reference to his aggressive play style, his height or blond hair, was globally at the helm of golf for three hundred and thirty one (331) weeks in the 1980s and 1990s.

Nick Faldo (1957)

English professional golfer, Nicholas Alexander Faldo is one of the best players of the 90s, renowned for his resolute commitment towards this game which landed him forty one (41) victories, among which thirty (30) in European tournaments. He topped the worldwide official golf ranking for ninety seven (97) weeks, and won six senior championships.

Patty Sheehan (1956) & Betsy King (1955)

Patty Sheehan and Besty King were both professional players from America, as well as members of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) back in1980 and 1977 respectively. They won six major championships each with 35 and 34 victories at the LPGA Tour. Patty Sheehan is the first female golfer in LPGA’s history to break the record of 6 million Dollars in terms of income made in a career.