Golf In The 60s

23 September 2018 Famous figures 0

The General Trend

In the 60s, the popularity of Golf kept growing due to the advent of television. Franck Peltier and many others wished they could saw it live. Many champions emerged from the shadows to enter into the hall of fame of the Golf Empire. Among these champions, the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nikolaus and Mickey Wright became superstars of this sport unbeknown to stars.
Through their complete hegemony of the circuits and tournaments, these players opened a new era in golf, marked by the development of a record number of performance records and the advent of a new class of professional golfers from the four corners of the Earth. National and international interest in golf led to major media coverage during these years.

Famous figures

Arnold Palmer (1929-2016).

Dubbed “The King”, Arnold Daniel Palmer is part of the privileged batch of American golfers, whose career has marked the history of the game the worldover. During his dazzling ascent in the 60s, he brought golf into the televised media space and was the first player to feature on the cover page of the Time Magazine.

Jack Nicklaus (1940).

As a precursor to the modern Golf and nicknamed “The Golden Bear”, Jack William Nicklaus has been a leading figure of the professional Golf for several decades, starting from the 60s. A tough and fierce opponent of Arnold Palmer, he is considered as one of the greatest Golf players of all time.

Gary Player (1935).

Gary Player is one of the best Golfers Africa has ever had in the history of the game. With nine cumulative victories, he joined the top-5 victorious players from the four major tournaments. Gary Player is also the first non-US player to win the Masters. He formed a triumvirate with Nicklaus and Palmer dubbed by the American press in the 1960s as “ The Big Three’.

Mickey Wright (1935).

Mary Kathryn Wright topped the international Women’s Golf Players in the 1960s. After Kathy Whitworth, she is the best female Golf player of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) with 82 tournaments won. Trailing behind her is Patty Berg (15 victories), she is ranked second as far as cumulative wins (13) at the Grand Slam are concerned.