Golf: A sport like no other

18 December 2018 General knowledge History 0

You are not worried, you have come to the right place because here Franck Peltier will told you everything you need to know about this precision sport.
According to history, golf was born in China thousands of years ago. At the time of antiquity, it took sticks and balls to play but the current version known by all was born in Scotland in the 1400s. There was a time when golf was prohibited because it disrupted the training of Scottish soldiers, it would seem that the latter would have preferred to throw small balls than to use heavy swords. Since then, golf has spread throughout the world and contrary to popular belief, this discipline is not only for men, women can also enjoy the pleasure of playing golf.

Some rules

First, it is an individual sport that is practiced outdoors. The rule of the game is to send a ball into a hole with the help of a club. The goal is to make sure that the ball gets into the hole with the least possible knock.
The land on which we play golf is called “the green”. It is usually a golf course that has 18 holes but there may be 9. In this case, it takes 2 turns to reach the goal of 18 holes. Unlike other sports, there is no standard or fixed size for a golf course. It varies according to the length and the design of the ground. This particular specificity arouses more the interest of the followers of the sports of precision.

Types of green

There are indeed several types of green depending on the setting and the environment where it is located. Others experience many obstacles while others find fewer.
The standard golf course types are set on a 50 to 60 ha space and have 18 holes. The 9-hole courses are of “compact” types, that is to say, the dimensions of the terrain are reduced. This type of terrain is ideal if you are an apprentice golfer. Many golf courses in France are famous and known for their beauty or difficulty. Among the top three are the Morfontaine Golf Club, the Chantilly Golf Club and the Fontainebleau Golf Club.

Golfer’s equipment

To throw his ball, the golfer uses a club. Other equipment is also necessary for a good part of golf like the Tee, the golf bag, the gans, and specific tools like for example the laser rangefinder.
Dressing for golf is also very important because some clubs require proper attire. Indeed, you must wear either a polo or a shirt close to the body with shorts, shorts or pants. Sneakers are not allowed in most golf courses in France, instead, put on versatile shoes like those with crampons and spikes.

Major tournaments

The calendar is dominated by the four Grand Slam tournaments since 1960 and Arnold Palmer’s participation in the British Open:
The Masters (April), the American Open (June), the British Open (July) and the PGA Championship (August). Thus three of the four major tournaments are competing in the United States. Before the inclusion of the British Open, the Americans considered the Western Open to be this fourth tournament that comprised the Grand Slam.