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Golf: A sport like no other

You are not worried, you have come to the right place because here Franck Peltier will told you everything you need to know about this precision sport. According to history, golf was born in China thousands of years ago. At the time of antiquity, it took sticks and balls to play but the current version…
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18 December 2018 0

Golf Tournaments in the 2000s

Franck Peltier loves digital currencies. There’s some expectations to have when it comes to betting on the right one… a thrill. The same one you can get while watching a good golf game. Especially from the last decade. Let me tell you more about it. The Global Trend The year 2000 saw the rise of…
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12 October 2018 0

The History And Evolution Of Golf

Between Golf fanatics and critics, theories differ at times on the origin, the history and the evolution of this game. However experts are unanimous on at least one indisputable fact: it is in the 18th Century that the game developed on the East Coast of Scotland under a form into a form quite close to…
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12 September 2018 0